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Dave Goodman was born in London UK in 1951. He played in the school brass band and in 1965, started playing bass in teenage rhythm & blues bands " Frinton Bassett Blues " then " Bluesville Soul Band ". Finally in 1967,  he went professional with 7 piece rock/soul band " Orange Rainbow " and toured extensively around the nightclubs of Britain & Europe. During this time, he backed such legends as Ben E King, The Drifters , (reggae star) Nicky Thomas , The Fantastics & The Flirtations . He also toured as support on the Four Seasons & Jackson  Five tours. In 1974, he stopped extensive touring and set up his own studios ( The Four Track Shack ) in a converted garage in his parents garden. Here, he honed his skills at music recording and production. A new band " Polecat " was formed and started doing session work for many hit  production teams. In Dave's  Studio, Polecat wrote and demoed an album and  eventually in late 1975, landed a contract with DJM records and re-recorded it with Bay City Rollers producer " Big Johnny Goodison ". Dave also built a large PA system that he started hiring out when his own band were not gigging. He hired it to many up & coming groups including Kilburn & the High Rds & The Stranglers . to name a few.
    In March 1976, he hired his PA to the " Sex Pistols " for their first gig at the Nashville Pub in Londons West Kensington, where they supported the 101'ers fronted by the late great Joe Strummer . This gig was to be a turning point for Dave. The Sex Pistols loosely resembled his first band Frinton Bassett Blues and reminded him why he started playing in a band. Daves first band played "Substitue"& "Whatcha Gonna Do Bout It" as did the Pistols. Dave also noticed that they played a rare Kinks b-side "I'm Not like Anybody Else". Now the Kinks happen to be one of Dave's all time favorite bands and from now on the Pistols could do no wrong as far as Dave was concerned.     After the set, Dave offered his services to the band and  astonished that anybody would want to help them, let alone a long haired trippy hippy, they accepted. From now on, Dave was responsible for their live sound at nearly all their gigs up until their secret tour in 1977. From mid 1976, Dave had been busy recording and producing them, initially with his own recording equipment set up in their Denmark Sreet pad, then latter in various 8 & 16 tack studios, his efforts resulting in the "SPUNK" bootleg witch many  sited as the "Real Sex Pistols Album". He landed a contract with EMI to produce them in several  24 track studios and recordings from these sessions became half of "The Great Rock & Roll Swindle" double album plus many b-sides and re-released compilations.     Dave soon gained a reputation as a "Producer of Punk Music" and started his own indie label, simply called "The Label" with his old friend Caruzo Fuller . They quickly signed up schoolboy punk band " Eater " and managed to get the UK's third ever punk record well established in the indie charts. Dave went on to produce another 3 singles, an LP and an EP with Eater before they mutinied & disbanded.     From mid 1977 onwards, Dave was rarely out of the studio and he soon notched up an impresive list of productions including " Dave Goodman & Friends " (featuring Steve & Paul of the Sex Pistols ), "The Vibrators" , " UKSubs ", "The Cash Pussies" (featuring Sid Vicious) Swiss punk band "Expo" . " The Maniacs " , " The  Users " , " Front ", " Chelsea ", "Angie Bowie" , etc etc. For a fuller list, go to DAVES PRODUCTIONS. Over the next 25 years or so Dave produced another 100 or more albums plus many singles. he also made promo videos, did some acting, formed various bands, was commissioned to compose film music, ran  solar powered stages at Glastonbury and other festivals, ran a label & built various studios etc etc.

  He currently resides on a tiny island in the Mediter r anean where he still produces music , writes books , runs a studio & record company and does  live performances with various bands including M andala Malta - Internet Cafe Orchestra & Healing Journeys .  You can contact Dave via [email protected]   .

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Sex Pistols - Spunk - Studio OuttakesSex Pistols - Spunk - Studio OuttakesSex Pistols - Spunk - Studio OuttakesSex Pistols - Spunk - Studio Outtakes